Guitar Audition Requirements
  • Applicants should prepare a one-octave D major scale and a two-octave G major scale as found in Level 1 of “Bridges - Guitar Technique” (ISBN-10: 155440438X). Scales should be performed with alternating im rest-stroke fingering and meet appropriate metronome markings.
  • Applicants should prepare the 5 Arpeggio Patterns found in Level 1 of “Bridges - Guitar Technique” (ISBN-10: 155440438X) using appropriate free-stroke fingering and performed at suggested tempi.
    Applicants will be asked to sight-read an excerpt from Robert Benedict’s “Sight Reading for the Classical Guitar Levels 1 to 3” (ISBN-10: 0769209742) from Pgs. 1 – 12.
  • Applicants should prepare two solos from Bridges Guitar Repertoire and Etudes Preparatory Level (ISBN-10: 1554404290). Suggested solos: “Moonlight” by Stepán Rak and “Ejercicio” by José Ferrer.
Audition excerpts can be found HERE