Dance Audition Requirements

Welcome to YPAS Dance.  We are so excited that you are auditioning and applying.  We look forward to meeting you in person at the dance audition.  You will be learning several exercises from the ballet video provided.  You will then perform those exercises in person at your audition.  You will do both sides of a plie exercise, a tendu/degage exercise, a fondu/developpe/grand battement exercise at the barre, starting with your left hand on the barre first for each exercise.  In the center you will do some small jumps, followed by some large jumps, followed by some stretches.  You will perform these exercises continuously with the ballet music provided on youtube starting at 3 minutes and 20 seconds as shown in the ballet video. Please also learn the modern combination- you will be asked to do the same for both styles.  Happy learning!  We’ll see you in person. 

Please learn the following combinations for the live audition and be prepared to perform:

* modern dance combination. Click here for link to combination

* ballet combinations. Click here for link to combination

 All applicants will take an audition class which consists of an interview and improvisation, along with ballet and modern styles. Students will learn the ballet and modern from the video links above and perform it during the in-person audition.   In addition, all students should submit in their application a 30 second recording of the applicant performing at their "best and most confident". This may be in any genre or style including but not limited to: Tap, Jazz, Liturgical, Ballet, Pointe, Hip-hop, Modern, Contemporary, etc... This work may be choreographed by the student or another person. Any school-appropriate music or sound may be used.

Applicants are evaluated on the following criteria: understanding of proper alignment, musicality, performance projection and expressiveness, flexibility, strength, and coordination.

Females identifying students should wear tights and leotards and male identifying should wear tights and a fitted tank in solid conservative colors. Hair should be pulled back and pinned securely away from the face and neck. They should bring ballet and pointe shoes (if they dance on pointe) and be prepared to dance in bare feet. To learn more about the major, visit