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Frequently Asked Questions
Answer: We are unable to accommodate late pick up, due to staffing issues. We understanding extending circumstances; however, please be on time for pick up or make prior arrangements.
Answer: No we do not provide transportation.
Answer: Class rosters will be determined by a student's role in the show. However, at the beginning and end of each day, all students will come together for large group sessions. We hope this design will allow students to spend time with their existing friends and make new ones.
Answer: Due to Jefferson County Public School custodial cleaning schedule, we unfortunately are unable to accommodate issuing lockers for the two week program run.
Answer: There is no food service facilities or refrigeration on the premises. Students and parents are responsible to provide lunch.
Answer: None! We welcome artists of all experience levels and hope that we can challenge each of them to grow.
Answer: Yes, please email nikki.gregory@jefferson.kyschools.us for this information once you've registered. 
Answer: Auditions for Willy Wonka JR will be held during normal camp hours on the first day of camp, June 4th. Students will participate in a low-stress group audition. There is no need to prepare anything. Students will all be taught the same song and will sing it individually for the Director and Music Director to make casting decisions. The cast list will be determined Monday evening, and will be available for students and parents Tuesday morning when we begin our first day of rehearsals.
Answer: Yes, we can accommodate registrations for one week only. However be advised, students only attending the first week of camp (july 6-10) will not be able to perform in the final shows on July 17th. Students only attending the second week of camp (July 13-17) will only be cast in ensemble roles. To be considered for a lead role, a student must be registered for the entire camp. Registration for one week of camp is priced at $200. This is to ensure coverage of production fees, camp fees, and consumable goods (i.e. T-shirt, applicator kit, etc.). Also, registration for the one-week only option requires payment made by check or cash (not credit card). 
Answer: We discourage against dropping your children off before the scheduled time listed above. Our staff will be preparing the building for the day. We are unable to watch over your children until the doors open and the official start of the day.
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