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JCPS General FAQ

Q1. How can I find out which school serves my address?
Answer: - Call the JCPS Help Line 502.313.HELP (4357) and ask for Demographics Office or use the online school finder.
Website :

Q2. Can my child apply to magnet schools, magnet programs, and optional programs if he or shes has never attended a JCPS school before?
Answer: - Yes, but he or she will need to register with the district before applying.

Q3. How do parents submit applications if they don't have Internet access?
Answer: - Computers are available at the JCPS Registration Site, which is open from 8 AM to 4 PM at the Lam Building (4309 Bishop Lane).
There also is a Mobile Application Bus - a school bus retrofitted to accept applications.

Q4. Is help available for parents who don't speak English?
Answer: - Yes. Call the JCPS English as a Second Language (ESL) Office at 502.485.3623.


Q6. How can I get more information on the JCPS application process?
Answer: - Call the JCPS Student Assignments at 502.485.6250.
YPAS Specific FAQ
Q1. How should I dress for my audition?

You should feel comfortable and confident and all clothing should be within JCPS guidelines. Dance and musical theatre have specific attire guidelines listed under their department's audition requirements.  

Q2. When applying to the Youth Performing Arts School (YPAS), do I need to complete a separate application to Manual? 


No, you do not. If you apply to YPAS and are accepted, you are automatically a duPont Manual High School Crimson! 

Q3. Do you accept students in grades 10-12?
Answer: Upperclassmen may be identified for admission based on space availability and magnet program requirements.

Q4. When do I receive my audition date?

Once your completed application is received, our office will contact you by email with a link to sign up for your audition date and time. If you have not heard from our office within two weeks after submitting your completed application, please contact YPAS administrative director, Cayce Crowder, at

Q5. For musical theatre or dance auditions, should I have choreography prepared? 

Musical theater will learn a dance combination at the audition. Our dance department has 2 combinations to be learned ahead of the audition listed on the dance portion of the admissions website.

Q6. Can I audition in multiple areas?

Yes. We do allow students to audition in multiple areas. We think it is important to mention the requirements in each department vary; thus, it is extremely challenging to audition in multiple areas. If you decide to audition in more than one area, you only have to apply electronically once.

Q7. Should I be concerned about copyright issues for the music I bring to my audition?
Answer: No.

Q8. Can I use a CD, other recorded devices, or provide my own accompanist for my auditions?

For musical theatre, we will provide an accompanist, so please bring your legible sheet music for them.  For vocal, you are permitted to bring your own accompanist, but it is not required. CDs or other recorded accompaniment are not permitted.  

Q11. Can you audition on multiple instruments? (Example: Saxophone and bassoon.)

Yes. Please indicate this information when filling out your YPAS Application and Contact Info Form.  You must submit a separate packet if you are auditioning for more than one department.  

Q12. What if the student requires special needs accommodations for the on-site writing prompt?

If a student has a current IEP or 504, we will provide accommodations listed on the plan.  Please contact YPAS administrative director, Cayce Crowder, at prior to the audition date ,so she can arrange personnel to provide the accommodations.  

Q13. What about JCPS inclement weather and no school?

If JCPS is dismissed due to inclement weather on the date of your audition, a member of the YPAS Admission Office will contact you with a new audition date the following school day. Auditions WILL NOT take place if school is not in session for the day or if school is released early.

Manual/YPAS General FAQ

Q1. Do public school students get priority over private school students when considering applications?

Answer: No.

Q2. If I am undecided about choosing a magnet program in which to apply, what advice should I follow to narrow my choices?
Answer: Study each program carefully. Each program offers a demanding curriculum that students will find challenging and rewarding. Students should apply to the magnet area that best fits their interests and strengths.

Q3. If I enroll in a YPAS major or in a visual arts magnet, will I be prepared to go to college when I graduate?
Answer: Yes. Students in all magnets receive college preparatory courses of study.

Q4. What is the difference between Advance Program courses and advanced placement classes?
Answer: Advance Program is JCPS's accelerated high school curriculum. Advanced Placement classes are college-level courses taught in a high school setting in which the student prepares for the advanced placement college board exams. Students scoring well enough on AP exams can earn college credit. Manual/YPAS offers more AP courses than any other school in Jefferson County.

Q5. Do students enrolled in one magnet area have opportunities to take elective courses from another magnet area?
Answer: Yes. Many students take elective courses from another magnet major if they can work it into their schedule.

Q6. Exactly why does Manual/YPAS utilize an alternate day block schedule that differs so much from most schools?
Answer: The Manual/YPAS alternate date block schedule affords students the flexibility to take a variety of courses. This allows students to meet all college preparatory requirements as well as extensive coursework in their chosen magnet area.

Q7. I have heard that students from a few middle schools receive preference in admissions over all others. Is that true?
Answer: The only opportunity offered is an "Early Review" for the following schools: Newburg, Farnsley, or Meyzeek for the Math/Science/Technology (MST) Program, and Noe and Western for the Visual and Performing Arts Program.

Q8. Is it possible to major in a Manual and YPAS magnet at the same time?
Answer: Yes. However, this is only possible after a student has gained admission via another (non-YPAS) magnet program. After being accepted by the MST, HSU, VA, or J&C magnet program, a student may contact YPAS and ask to audition for Vocal Music, Orchestra, Concert Band, or Piano programs. If that audition is successful, a student must take two (2) YPAS classes each year for four (4) years. The students must complete the requirements for both magnets and this can very demanding.

Q9. (a) I want to apply to both Manual and YPAS. Should I apply to one of them and list the other as my second choice?
(b) Will I get to audition if I list YPAS as my second choice?

Answer: Due to the high number of 1st choice applications we receive, we rarely look at students who have listed Manual or YPAS as their second choice.

Q10. Is preference given to applicants who have or have had family members at Manual?
Answer: No. Applicants are selected only on their own merit.

Q11. I live outside Jefferson County. May I attend Manual and YPAS?

Answer: No. You must be a Jefferson County resident.

Q12. If I am accepted into a magnet at Manual, may I take classes at YPAS?

Yes. Many students who are not YPAS majors enjoy participating in a variety of YPAS programs. However, some courses do require an audition for admission.

Q13. I have heard that certain magnets are easier to get accepted into than others. What is the easiest magnet at Manual for acceptance?

There is not one magnet easier to enroll in over another. Each of Manual's magnets have different criteria for acceptance.

Q14. When will I know if my child is or is not accepted into Manual/YPAS?

Decision letters will be sent by mid-March.